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With our range of doses and products, we are sure there is something for everyone to find something for their ailments. From small-dose to vegan granola, King Louis Edibles has products for everyone.

King Louis Edibles is a small batch edibles company that started in Victoria, BC in 2016 and has quickly spread to shops all across Canada. Using quality ingredients we are able to produce quality products.

We use both lab-tested RSO and THC distillate in our edibles so you can find what works best for you. For info on the difference between the two, check our Terminology page.                 

At King Louis Edibles, we use quality ingredients and everything is hand made from scratch. The difference between us and other companies is we do not buy pre-made confections and spray or inject them with THC. This process results in an inaccurately dosed product that can not be divided into desired portions.


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